Sunday, August 12, 2007

10 worst genocides

I found this list of the 10 worst genocides.

1. Mao Tsedong: 27 - 73 million Chinese deaths (1945 - 1976)

2. Joseph Stalin: 4 - 60 million polictical purges (1922 - 1953)

3. Hitler: 15 - 50 million civilian deaths by democide and by deaths in concentration camps

4. Hideki Tojo: 6 million - 30 million deaths of Chinese civilians during World War II

5. Pol Pot: - 3 million deaths in Cambodia in the 1970s

6. Kim Il Sung: More than 1.6 million political purges and deaths in concentration camps (1946 - 1994)

7. Mengitsu Haile Mariam: 1.5 million deaths by democide in Ethiopia in the 1970s

8. Ismail Enver: 1.2 - 1.5 million deaths of Turkish civilians (1914-1916)

9. Yakubu Gowon: Over 1 million deaths in Nigeria in (1966-1975)

10. Leonid Breshnev: over 900,000 Armenian deaths (1979 - 1982)


Clare said...

Hi Mike, Wow it's pretty scary and confronting looking at those statistics... It's just so hard to believe that so many people could conform to such horrific actions. People just like us, killing literally millions of people... It's very sad.

kelg85 said...

Hey Mike, you know what worries me the most about all of those stats? THe fact that as someone who has hardly studied history, i didnt even recognise the majority of them, particulaly number one. Which i think is really quite appauling on my behalf, maybe its got to do with the media coverage?

James Neill said...

Mike, That's an interesting and useful list. As other comments illustrate, I too am somewhat amazed how little I know about most of them.

The Rwandan Genocide would probably make this list. Some estimates are that there were 1 million deaths. This was somewhat unique in that it occurred in a very short space of time (mostly within 3 months) and was done with primitive weapons.

Could you add the source for the list and figures?

Mike said...

Kelg, don't feel bad I am in the same boat as you! Very little history knowledge! But looking at this list maybe we're better off!

James, I have seen varying figures for the Rwanda genocide, but it would be up there!

In terms of deaths per day, Rwanda would be one of the worst. For instance, just say the Rwanda death toll was 1million.
1 million deaths in 100 days = 10,000 deaths/day = 3.4 9/11 death tolls per day! The majority of which were the result of machete hackings.

I'll try and figure out how to post a link to where I found it.

Mike said...

heres the web adress where I found the list, not sure how to make it a link!

My Blog said...

Far out thats certainly quite scary actually. Good work on the research - it's certainly going to be an eye opening topic!

My Blog said...

Far out thats certainly quite scary actually. Good work on the research - it's certainly going to be an eye opening topic!

carrieon said...

The #1 genocide was lead by Aaron Lopez, among other Jews who killed 100 million Africans during the slave trade of 1661-1774.

With the yearly capture and transport of one million Black slaves it is not difficult to figure that from 1661 to 1774 (one hundred thirteen years) approximately one hundred ten million slaves had been removed from their native land. About ten percent, or ELEVEN MILLION, Black slaves reached the Colonies alive.

Maram said...

Our World's worst genocide was by far against the Natives of the Americas. Languages, cultures, people were destroyed all in the name of manifest destiny, religion, and greed. Over 100 million people were destroyed and counting. Just see what has been happening recently in the jungles of Southern Mexico and Columbia, etc. The genocide continues and people are still being displaced, like the Natives in the USA, many are still living on reservations in poverty. We like to lift the banner of human rights to the world, but still fail when it comes to these people.

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