Sunday, October 7, 2007

Final Exam Stategy??

What strategy is everyone going to take in preparing for the final exam?? This open book format has got me a bit concerned. I went through the first couple of chapters putting stickies on what I thought were the important points and ended up having too many to be of any use. I figure I'm just going to try and get through as many questions as quickly as possible from memory marking questions I'm unsure of then use the index for those questions.

Has anyone had any experience with open book tests?? Any tips welcome!!!!

cheers, mike!


Rebekah said...

Hi Mike,

I study Law with Psych (every law exam is open book) and I find a few tips pretty helpful.
* Make a conscise summary of your notes... they will be far more helpful than the text.
* Have the ecture notes handy, and be really familiar with them.
* And, as you said, go through and do as many 'sure' questions as you can, marking the ones you dont know and searching through notes later.
* Also, dont bring in too much stuff, it can bombard you and you can run out of time- I always study for an open book exactly the same way as a closed book exam... so that im confident when i go in.

Hope this helps a little....
Good luck.

Mike said...

Cheers Rebekah, thanks four the tips!!

Erin said...

Hi Mike,

I am also very concerned as I have not had much experience with open book exams (the only ones I have done were only allowed a page of handwritten notes). I agree with what Rebekah has said about being familiar with the material you bring in, because otherwise it could get very overwhelming. I would say in one of the last lectures James will give us some idea of what to expect?

Good luck!